The complex relationship between trust, informal institution and public policies

Güemes, María Cecilia; Hernández-Bonivento, José A.
The scholars point out the complex and bidirectional relation between trust, informal institutions and public policies. The effectiveness at implementation of public policies depends on the level of social and institutional trust and on the ways of doing that North called "informal institutions". But also, trust and social practices are affected by public policies in different and indirect ways. In this paper we try to analyze some peculiarities of this relation focus on Latin America societies. First, we describe some features of trust and informal institution in the region. Second, we sum up the social and political effects of neoliberal public policies on them. Third, we reflect on the obstacles that low level of social and institutional trust has on the formulation and implementation of public policies and state reforms. We consider this reflection is especially relevant in an era where the old ways of governance are on the table and the Government tries to open to citizenship and convince them to participate and take part on public issues.
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Paper/Extenso Congresos GIGAPP
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Trust, Informal Institutions, Social Behaviour, Public Policies, Latin America
ÍCPP. International Conference on Public Policy. Grenoble. IPSA-AISP
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