Programa Brasil Alfabetizado: estudo dos caminhos para desenvolvimento de avaliação de impacto

Leocadio, Victor Antunes; Antônio, França Sette Pinheiro Júnior Fernando
This paperwork aims to accomplish a descriptive and analytical study of the whole context of the drawing and administration of the Programa Brasil Alfabetizado in Minas Gerais to identify elements and suggestions so that they base and strengthen the study of the roads for development of an impact evaluation, discussing the importance, challenges and use of this for the program, and if possible, suggesting correction of directions. Created by the Federal Government and executed by the System SEDINOR/IDENE in Minas Gerais, PBA aims to universalize the literacy of the population with more than fifteen years, as well as to promote the continuity of the studies and to enlarge the access to the education. Knowing this, in addition to all the information related to the subjects of the program studied, this research makes a bibliographical revision about what is constituted evaluation of programs and politics, especially the one of impact, verifying their main concepts, objectives, characteristics, methods, challenges, limitations and implications when inserted in the context of public politics. Therefore, while is discussed the target group, the indicators of impact, the data base consolidated, treatment and control groups , this work intends to study the roads for a possible proposal of impact evaluation, emphasizing the importance and use for the public politics, with prominence for the Programa Brasil Alfabetizado.<br />
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Paper/Extenso Congresos GIGAPP
VII Congreso Internacional en Gobierno, Administración y Politicas Públicas. GIGAPP 03-05 octubre 2016.
Madrid, España
GIGAPP. Asociación Grupo de Investigacion en Gobierno, Administración y Políticas Públicas
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